Alan Dronkers
อลัน ดรองเกอร์

Hempflex / Sensai Seed ‘/ the The the Hash, Marihuana And, Hemp Museum,

the General Manager, Of Sensi Seeds,, the The the Hash, Marihuana And, Hemp Museum,, And Hempflax, And Experts In Cannabis Genetics And, hemp Industrial Processing And compounding its Applications.

By Alan Dronkers (Alan depriving Schwarzenegger. S) Hemp and hemp specialists And those behind the company Sensi Seeds, Hash Museum, Marihuana & Hemp Museum and Hempflax Company.

Mahmoud Hanachi
มามุด ฮานาชิ

Dutch Passion

Head of Genetics & New Territories for Dutch Passion Seed Company.
Mahmoud Hanachi (Mamut Hanashi), a genetically engineered hemp expert from Dutch Passion

ชัยวัฒน์ บานใจ
Chaiwat Banjai

Cannabis Crash / Highland Network,
served in the position Budget analyst Under the Bureau of the Budget Bangkok
and is a writer and admin of Marijuana Dash, Thaistick Online

Budget Analyst: The BMA Budget Department, The Bangkok Metropolis Administration.

แขกรับเชิญอภิปราย/Panel Discussion


Dean of the Institute of Integrated Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine Rangsit University
Dean of Rangsit Institute of Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging, Rangsit University

พี่น้อย ผอ.มูลนิธิโอโซน

is a leader in drug work to improve the quality of life for drug users around the country.


Manager of the Center for
Monitoring and Development of Drug System (DMDC),

Drug Administration Monitoring and Development Center (DMDC), Center for Surveillance and Drug System Development (Nov.), first established in the name The plan to create a surveillance and drug system development system (Nov.) has been implemented in the pharmaceutical system continuously. And received funding from The Office of Health Promotion Foundation (SSC), in the preparation of a report on the development plan of the drug system for consumer protection in 2007, also recognizes the importance of the impact of the risks caused by the health system on health. There is a strong mechanism for monitoring And knowledge management to develop the drug system Will be able to reduce the risk and prevent possible dangers Beneficial to health promotion

ภก.พงษ์ศักดิ์ สง่าศรี

Expert in food formulation
research and development. Food supplement and food supplement research.
History and past work.
– Bachelor of Pharmacy. Mahasarakham University, 6 years program (Doctor of Pharmacy)
– Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahasarakham University
– Special Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine Mahasarakham University
– Special Lecturer, Faculty of Nursing Mahasarakham University
– Special Lecturer, Sri Mahasarakham Nursing College Mahasarakham province